Jimmy Jia

About Me?

Heres a classy picture of me

Where do I start?... Well I'm a Chinese-American web developer, born in Beijing and raised in Portland. In my free time, I like drawing (though I'm not very good), and playing the guitar and piano. I'm also an avid gamer, I play mostly on PC but I also can never say no to a Smash Bros. or Pokemon battle.

My Education

I'm currently a Junior studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. My classes are focused more on the computer engineering side of things, with classes such as Computer Algorithms, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Computer Graphics, and more. I'm hoping to become a well versed developer who can adapt to any situation with any technology.

I'm hoping to become a well versed developer who can adapt to any situation with any technology.

For high school, I attended Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon, where I graduated with a full International Baccalaureate degree. For my Extended Essay, I wrote an astronomy paper based on research I did over summer on the contact binary star - VW Cephei, which is the namesake of my website cephei.us.

My Hobbies

I have a pretty wide range of hobbies. The most predominant of those being music. I've loved music ever since I was a little kid, starting when my parents had me take piano lessons. I was so amazed by the sound that I could produce by just pressing a few keys, and soon, before I knew it, I was able to play songs that sounded, good. Fast forward to today, and I've played the piano and guitar combined for nearly as many years as I've lived.

On another note about music, I also love audio technology, most notably headphones, amplifiers, and DACs (digital - analog converters). I currently own a pair of HifiMan HE-400s, AKG K702s, KZ-ED9, Baldoor E100s and 300s. I've also purchased my first pair of custom in ear monitors - the 1964 Ears V6, which are currently being reshelled for me.

Another one of my hobbies is gaming. Gaming has definitely been a huge part of my life, though these days I unfortunately rarely have the time for it. I have countless great memories of playing Halo, Counter-Strike, Diablo, Super Smash Bros, and many other games with my friends late into the night. If you ever want to play some games with me, check out my steam account to see what games I have and then shoot me a message and invite. I'll be glad to play some rounds with you when I can find the time.

Thanks for Reading

If you have any questions or want to talk, feel free to contact me.

503 - 475 - 9621